Federal – Independence/impartiality not essential criteria for arbitrator appointment? – #770

In Export Development Canada v. Suncor Energy Inc., 2023 FC 1050, the Federal Court heard an application for an order appointing an arbitrator pursuant to an arbitration clause in a political risk insurance policy (the “Policy”). The Court made several findings on the five issues before it. Two of those findings are highlighted here, with the others addressed below. First, subsidiaries of one of the parties claimed they were improperly included in the arbitration – as they were not parties to the arbitration agreement – and therefore claimed the Court had no jurisdiction to appoint an arbitrator in a manner that would bind them. The Court rejected this and refused to preliminarily determine that jurisdictional issue, which was a matter for the arbitrator pursuant to the competence-competence principle. Second, the Court determined what criteria should apply to the selection of the sole arbitrator. The Court held that the criteria of independence and impartiality, among others, are not “threshold criteria” and would not necessarily disqualify a proposed arbitrator if not met. Rather, they are part of what the Court considers in exercising its discretion. 

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Manitoba – Limited record magnified difficulty of appeal of award – #751

In Benkie v. Nichol, 2023 MBKB 82, the Court dismissed an appeal of an arbitral award rendered in a family law dispute. The appeal record contained significant “gaps,” because evidence that was received before the arbitrator, and was considered by her in arriving at her award, was not before the appeal court. This important evidence included a transcript of the cross-examinations of witnesses at the hearing. There was no recording made of the hearing, which was what the parties agreed to as the process. This lack of information was “highly consequential to the disposition of the appeal’. The Court did not accept the wife’s argument that the Arbitrator erred in making a finding that was not supported by the evidence because the record did not contain all the evidence. The issues this case raises is relevant to commercial arbitration

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