2023 Arbitration Year in Review

From January to December 2023, Arbitration Matters posted regular Case Notes, providing summaries and commentary on cases concerning commercial arbitration issues, as they were released by courts across Canada. These Case Notes were also sent to subscribers on a bi-weekly basis.  You can sign up for a free subscription on this website.

“The year 2023 was characterized by a dearth of cases that significantly advanced or changed arbitration law in Canada. Generally, the most noteworthy cases in 2023 represent extensions of trends that were reported in last year’s case law review.”

“In this 2023 case law review, we provide a snapshot of how Canadian courts have addressed arbitration issues that have emerged in prior years (such as the binding of non-signatories to arbitration and court review of preliminary jurisdictional rulings), as well as newer issues (such as reasonable apprehension of bias and the appointment of amici curiae to assist the court in interpreting arbitration law in a manner consistent with international standards.”

Read the full article, co-written with my partner Rebecca Shoom, in the October 2023 edition of the Canadian Journal of Commercial Arbitration.

You can find a detailed analysis of some of the other important trends by our Contributors in our “2023 Reflections” Case Notes.

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