Editorial Guidelines

Arbitration Matters provides regular, concise summaries of key decisions on arbitration released by all levels of court across Canada. Each Case Note highlights one or more notable applications of the rules, laws, and principles that are relevant to arbitration practice and follows the following guidelines:

  1. Cases profiled on Arbitration Matters are chosen solely by the Editor in consultation with the Contributor;
  2. Each Case Note uses the same formula:
    1. First, mention of the jurisdiction from which the decision was issued, followed by a short “headline” of the decision’s significance to arbitration practice;
    2. Second, the full citation and convenient link to the decision, together with a concise summary of the decision to put the “headline” in context;
    3. Third, the full text of the Arbitration Matter Case Note, with no commentary, identifying only the content necessary to understand the significance of the decision, with active links to cited cases and legislation, and select excerpts from the decision;
    4. Fourth, a final section providing commentary and often further references, including to earlier, related Arbitration Matters Case Notes.
  3. Any commentary by the Contributor reflects solely the views of that Contributor and does not reflect the views of the Editor or Arbitration Matters.